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mystical magick

a space intended to deliver enchanted hand made products with the highest intention for those interested in having a deeper connection with mother earth, spirituality or to self. 

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events + workshops

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botanical besom - in studio january 2024


Craft your very own mystical botanical besom to infuse enchantment into your living space or present it as a bewitching handcrafted and heartfelt gift for a kindred spirit. The workshop will include a broom, carefully curated assortment of vibrant earthy elements to allow you to create your besom, some history on the magick of the besom in a wonderfully welcoming environment. Only 6 spots available.


Personalization is the heart of your craft to make it uniquely yours and offer a wide selection of items like crystals, charms and ribbons for the finishing touches- ensuring that your besom perfectly complements you. (Some may be an additional fee). To maintain the quality of the creations, it is kindly requested that no outside items be introduced during the workshop.

host a botanical besom workshop private party in studio or on location! 
wedding shower . bachelorette . baby shower . girls night in . just because
be sure to contact me to submit a booking inquiry

Magical Herbs & Womb Mysteries - in studio february 2024

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This is for all of the Goddesses who have forgotten how to love themselves, who feel burnt out, feel lost or need to learn selfcare. 


Our time together invites you to connect back to the rhythms of

mama earth's seasons + elements . the moon's phases + archetypes .  

your womb's cycles + your female energy


This workshop is designed to ground you in back into your body giving you the gift of coming home to yourself, igniting your inner wisdom, intuition and moving stagnant energy out by getting you in touch with the powerful botanical and herbal medicine mother nature gives us that when absorbed into your body has targeted therapeutic effects. 


You will make 4 of your very own bath potions to use weekly during the month. Using high quality and organic plants and oils, you will gain a deeper understanding about each of the 4 rhythms women live by month by month, the benefits and magical properties of the ingredients along with a specific weekly rituals that connect you to what makes up the whole of you - mama earth, the moon, and your womb.

This workshop is beneficial for ALL women no matter which phase of life you are in.


Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

My Story

A warm welcome to all of you sweet souls.

There came a moment not that long ago, through a culmination of universal events, that ignited a deep desire within me to finally discover and honour the luscious creative parts of myself that I had been ignoring . The disconnect from my centre caused a ripple effect throughout my life that affected my health, relationships, creativity, and inner peace.

Northern Alkemi Beauty has played a huge role in yanking me up from a place of people pleasing, guilt, fear and confusion and has charged my life with creativity, pleasures, adventures, truth, compassion, love and most importantly the space I needed to grow. 


My goal in creating these products is to empower you to claim out loud that you are loving and living your life as the powerful Witch that you are! If you are new to discovering your flame, or if you’re simply here to re-ignite it, you are in the right place. 


Thank you for the opportunity to let me play a small part in your life's journey. I promise to witness it with care, support and love!



Witchy Mama . Holistic Healer . Creatrix

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