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My Story

I know you're going through thinking "Well who the heck is she? What's she all about? Is she legit?" Well get ready cause here it comes and you'll see that I'm a real person with a wicked sense of humour and full of love.

Helping others seems to be where my life keeps bringing me back to. I was the biggest tom boy growing up and rocked the sweetest mullet for, you would be jealous. I know the feeling of being that chubby, awkward ugly duckling and I have something deep inside me of letting everyone see the true inner beauty  and power that each of them posses. I've come to learn that I'm a healer and helper at heart.


There came a moment not that long ago, through a culmination of universal events, that ignited a deep desire within me to finally discover and honour the luscious parts of myself that I had been ignoring . The disconnect from my core caused a ripple effect throughout my life that affected my health, relationships, creativity, and inner peace.

Northern Alkemi Beauty has played a huge role in yanking me up from a place of people pleasing, guilt, fear and confusion and has charged my life with creativity, pleasures, adventures, truth, compassion, love and most importantly the space I needed to grow. 


My goal in creating this community is to empower you to claim out loud that you are loving and living your life as the powerful bad-ass that you are! If you are new to discovering your flame, or if you’re simply here to re-ignite it, you are in the right place. 


Thank you for the opportunity to let me play a small part in your life's journey. I promise to witness it with care, support and love!


-Charmaine-  Founder & CEO

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Holistic Esthetician  .  Life Coach  . 

Reiki Healer  .  Sound Healer . 

Post Natal Rebozos Massage + Closing Ritual Healer  .  Witchy Mama

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