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Image by Ivan Stern

getting back to the rhythms of mama earth . the moon . the power of the womb

This is for all of the Goddesses who have forgotten how to love themselves, who feel burnt out, feel lost or need a moment of care. 

Welcome to a heart centred, safe, sacred wellness space that allows you inner healing wisdom to become accessible. A place that allows you to completely surrender to magick through the artistic ritual of facials and body treatments that are beyond the status quo.


Our time together invites you to connect back to the rhythms of mama earth's seasons + elements, the moon's phases + archetypes and your womb's cycles + your female energy.


This helps ground you in to your body giving you the gift of coming home to yourself, igniting your inner strength, intuition, moving stagnant energy out all while being in a state of complete relaxation.

This is a space created just for you. A moment where you get to be taken care of. A moment to fill your heart. 

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it is time to put you first....
Image by Jordan Heath

a facial ritual like you've never experienced before. slow intentional movements to relax your body and mind. crystals, singing bowls, tuning forks, chakra balancing are some of the modalities used to help you come back to yourself.

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