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{goddess of the cauldron of knowledge, inspiration + rebirth}

pronunciation: keh·ruhd·wen


Bring all the magical vibes to your next fire pit gathering with the 'Cerridwen Fire Ritual Kit' with a collection of herbs, crystals and aromatics to help support positive energy and protection in manifesting your intentions. This kit is perfect to be used as a solo manifestor, with friends/family, your sisterhood, your coven, or any creative fire gatherings.


Included: A box that contains 2 Mystical Manifesting Blend sachets that make your flames magickal, 2 hand created soy wax fire starters made with yew, mixed peppercorn, wormwood, cinnamon stick, dried lemon, bay leaf, garnet stones, Frankincense resin and a pine/cedarwood/peppermint essential oil blend. Also included is a bundle of 4 handmade 'intention + wish' ritual papers to burn, a rustic pencil, a jar of matches and instructions to bring extra uumph to your moment.


Although this can be done anytime - you will achieve the best results on a new or full moon.

    Cerridwen Manifesting Fire Ritual Kit

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