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Obsidian is not a gemstone. It is formed during fast cooling of lava products after a volcanic eruption - that’s why they call it “volcanic glass”. According to ancient superstition, Obsidian brings to its wearer the energy of Earth, thus strengthening his spirit and healing his body. Ancient people called Obsidian "Satan's claws' fragments". A legend says the stone was named after a Roman Warrior Obsidian who brought this stone from Ethiopia. Astrologists consider Obsidian a stone of Pluto.


It develops intuition, insight and ability to foresee future events. Obsidian protects from "evil eye", , sorcery, damnations and other magic, protects its wearer in long trips, restores composure of after unfortunate love, guards from infidelity. In the real life, Obsidian protects from any mischief, suppresses aggressive energy, sharpens mind, and removes stress. Obsidian is a stone of prudence. When worn constantly, Obsidian may force its wearer to reduce his activity, make him inert. It is a magic stone. Any magician has an Obsidian stone to concentrate astral forces, to grant victory over astral spirits.


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