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Prasiolite is a green variety of quartz that is also known as green quartz or vermarine. It’s name is derived from the Greek word πράσον prason meaning “leek” and λίθος lithos meaning "stone” and therefore it literally means “scallion coloured stone". 


Prasiolite is a stone that offers the wearer qualities of clarity, communication, and insight. is said to provide clarity in thinking and enhance one’s memory, making it especially beneficial for students. It brings unity and emotional balance to relationships by facilitating an understanding of one another.


In addition to this, Prasiolite opens the third eye chakra, which enables one to see the world through a prism of consciousness and wisdom. This leads one to a greater understanding of oneself and others; it also allows for the perception of higher planes of consciousness.Finally, it is said to impart optimism and spontaneity while enhancing artistic pursuits and creativity in general.

    Prasiolite Green Quartz Crystal

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