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{goddess of peace}

pronunciation: ai·reen


white sage, flower blend, holy basil, herbs, dried berries,valerian root

great for calming anxiety, cleansing of negative energy, sleep, tranquility, stress relief, soothing, ease the mind

stone- green calcite

helps strengthen the connection to your heart and provides insight as to where you need to focus our emotions


My Smoke Cleansing Wands are intended to be used to uplift and help balance your every day life. I believe a peaceful space cultivates a warmer journey of life, and that everyone deserves to have a sacred space they truly feel resonates with them. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted in Alberta, Canada through an intentional process over the course of many days. Using the beauty of mother nature as inspiration, each product is respectfully unique and one of a kind!


Honouring the beauty and power of smoke cleansing (sister to smudging), these powerful wands are a respectful combination of what mother earth offers to us - palo santo, blends of sage, organic herbs, dried fruits, spices and fresh flowers. Each one is named after a beautiful Goddess and married together with an organic blend of local beeswax which turns them into the magickal Smoke Cleansing Wand! 


Each wand should burn for 30+ cleansing and all wands come with a how-to guide, ceramic holder, cotton carrying bag and beautiful stone. 


*external use only - make sure any flame is properly extinguished -never leave unattended*

Eirene Smoke Cleansing Wand