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{goddess of the moon & intuition}

pronunciation: suh·leen


blue sage, white sage, eucalyptus, rosemary

great for meditation, soothing, prosperity, healing, abundance, anti-anxiety, gentle protection, fresh energy, positive outlook.

stone- sodalite

harmony, raise natural intuition, wisdom, clarity of thought, creativity, and cosmic beauty.


Honouring the beauty and power of smoke cleansing (sister to smudging), these powerful wands are a respectful combination of what mother earth offers to us - palo santo, blends of sage, organic herbs, dried fruits, spices and fresh flowers. Each one is named after a beautiful Goddess and married together with an organic blend of local beeswax which turns them into the magickal Smoke Cleansing Wand! 


Each wand should burn for 30+ cleansing and all wands come with a how-to guide, ceramic holder, cotton carrying bag and beautiful stone. 


*external use only - make sure any flame is properly extinguished -never leave unattended*

Selene Smoke Cleansing Wand

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