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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

the moment you relax you connect to the present moment and you can hear what your soul needs

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

the experience facial

$185 (2.5 hours)

a facial like no other. a moment in time curated to bring you back to your body and spirit. a moment to help clear the old stagnant energy that is trapped and move light and love in to your existence. a moment to reconnect to the rhythms of mama earth. a moment just for you.

this custom treatment includes elements of a traditional facial, heart opening sacred cacao, sound therapy, energy clearing, meditation, chakra work, hot stones, vibration, crystals, massage and so much more. 

Add on:

Infrared Sauna session 30 minutes $20

Eyes Closed

the moment facial

$150 (90 minutes)

because self care creates powerful moments. this bespoke facial is dedicated to improving and restoring balance and harmony of your skins current needs through intentional skincare guidance and movements that leave you glowing and relaxed.

this custom facial includes consultation, cleansing, exfoliation, masks, relaxing massage, meditation, aromatherapy, and other modalities that may be called

for at that time to reach your skincare goals.


Add on:

Infrared Sauna session 30 minutes $20


medative pedicure ritual

$105 (90 mins)


Slow. Purposeful. Connection


Guiding the woman that you are through this luxurious holistic Medative Pedicure Ritual allows you to honour the moon phase and womb rhythm your body is currently experiencing, all while getting you in touch with the powerful medicine mother nature gives us.


To compliment what your body + spirit are needing to nurture during this time in your personal rhythm, each phase has custom formulated botanical blend products that when absorbed into your body has targeted therapeutic effects. A tasty Moon Milk Tea infused with herbs and spices add one more level of care and relaxation to you during our time together.

Begin with a luxury botanical grounding foot soak, cuticle clean up, nail shape + trim and foot care. You are then reclined back in the massage chair for an unparalleled feeling of relaxation as a result of feeling weightless that also connects you to your heart space. You are draped in a warm blanket, given headphones and weighted eye mask that all help you drift in to a meditative space. Then the best part of the treatment - foot & leg dry brushing, relaxing leg + foot massage and warm mask, warm towel compress and neck massage. Includes traditional polish application.

Add on:


Gel Polish $15


Infrared Sauna 30 minute $20

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

the cradle body ritual

$250 (2.5 hours)

this full body ritual is an homage to the traditions of women coming together after a woman has transitioned from maiden to mother to support her during one of the most important changes of her life. i have designed this ritual to help all women connect to their power centres: their heart and womb.

in truth, women are caregivers in so many ways and this is for all of you. whether you have given birth, adopted, had a surrogate, are a fur mom, a friend, a boss babe, a woman needing to release trauma, celebration of self > any woman, no matter your age! it is a supportive process for all women through life transitions.


this full body ritual provides a space for physical nurturing, but also maybe more importantly, holds a space for whatever needs to be expressed, witnessed and released. on a physical level, the gentle rocking and wrapping helps healing by providing movement in the joints, muscles, tissues and fluids. on an emotional level it provides much needed space to simply rest and be and be held, as well as for emotions to be honoured, witnessed and released. on an energetic and spiritual level it can provide closure, a space to bring things to a close and move on. it is different for every person. for some people it is a joyful honouring, for others it is a space to acknowledge and let go of emotions. sometimes it is quiet and gentle, sometimes big emotions come out during the ritual. I will meet you where you are at, in that it won’t manifest anything that you aren’t ready to deal with.

get out of your head and come back to your body, your heart your womb.

you'll experience sacred cacao welcoming, warm foot bath, herbal infused towels, dry brushing, body cream massaged on to body, infrared sauna, rocking and wrapping of body with sacred scarves, womb massage, sound therapy, crystals, drumming and so much more. 

Image by Roberto Nickson

the cradle body ritual {at home}

this is the same wonderful experience as at my studio. i will come to your home or venue of your choice and bring all that is needed to get the space ready. i have a format that works well, however i am open to what would support you best so do get in touch if you would like to co create your ceremony. all I ask is the room is quiet, private nice and warm for you to enjoy!

just you and i

$325  (3 hours)

this is the same meaningful experience that takes place in my studio but with the added benefit of an herbal ritual bath instread of nfrared sauna.


in circle with your women friends + family

(4 -8 people) 

$375 (3 hours)

i will hold the space as a ceremony allowing your friends and family a chance to share their love and support for you as well as honour you. this is a space to invite your loved ones in and if need be, a place to release any emotions to move forward as an empowered and supported woman. i will chat with your friends and family first to let them know how they can be present. you will have your herbal bath ritual and then join. we will have a circle to share everyones blessings, then begin the massage, at the time of wrapping, your loved ones will take part here. we will share a poem, meditation and have hands holding you. to finish we will go round the group with some words of more love and support and then close. you may also like your friends to each bring a dish and then you can feast afterwards!

*these are a great gift giving options for new mothers and wonderful for any woman needing some care.

** travel included within 40km of sherwood park, alberta. added travel cost will be calculated if outside of the allotted km's ($0.50 per km)

Image by Marina Vitale

the waxing spot

couture brows             $35 

(tint + wax + shape)

eyebrows                     $20

lip                                $10

chin                             $12

sides of face                $20

underarm wax              $22

eyelash tinting             $28

eyebrow tinting            $15

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